Good Craic Galore – HLW goes Ireland!

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In September, the senior year students embarked on their language trips to Ireland. At first, almost sixty students of the HLK made their way to Dublin.

Thanks to God, the weather was wonderful throughout the week and our outdoor trips were blessed with blue skies and sunshine. Lovely host families and some brilliant teachers at the language school contributed greatly to a week full of laughter, learning and cultural immersion. While opinions on the culinary skills of the host families naturally differed (Sheperd’s Pie - Yay, Insect Sandwich – Nay!), everyone could agree on the perks of our colourful social program:

“My favourite part was the Howth cliff walk. The walk up the hill was exhausting, but the view after was so worth it. The cliffs were so beautiful and I have never seen anything like this.” (Janine & Samira)

“In my opinion, the best was Saturday, when we made a full-day tour to Glendalough. In my eyes, it was the best day of the week, because I could really enjoy the landscape and nature there with my friends and without any stress. I also managed to take a few beautiful pictures.” (Philipp)

“My personal highlight was definitely the Irish Dance party. It was nice having some fun moments with both classes and a final group dance. Also, the two dancers and the singer were extremely talented. I’d definitely recommend going there with all future classes because it was just so enjoyable.” (Sabrina)

Without any doubt, some students will be back to further explore the hidden treasures and secrets of the Emerald Isle. For anyone interested in getting into the “Ireland mood”, the HLK students warmly recommend the following songs:

The Dubliners: Molly Malone

The Dubliners: Fields of Athenry

The Corries: Will Ye Go Lassie Go

The Rumjacks: An Irish Pub Song

Luke Kelly: Raglan Road

Christy Moore & Shane MacGowan: Spancil Hill

Dropkick Murphys: Johnny I hardly knew ya

Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies

Shortly after the HLK’s return, the lad (yes, only one!) and lassies of the HLW hit the road to conquer Eire. First, we stayed in a Dublin hostel for the weekend. Thanks to an amazing tour guide, the students learnt a lot about the history of the city. Afterwards, they were sent on a mission and had to complete a number of various challenges, such as asking strangers to teach them some Irish dance or sing a song for them. The groups loved their activities and excelled in their tasks! Dublin meant little sleep but lots and lots of breath-taking sights: after detours to the Powerscourt Gardens (blue skies and sunshine!), Clonmacnoise (foggy and mysterious!) and the Cliffs of Moher (once again: blue skies and sunshine!) we eventually made it to our final destination: Galway.

Even though West Coast weather means wind and rain galore, the students immediately fell in love with the charming little town and its inhabitants. They very much enjoyed the lessons at their language school and happily engaged in their social program. One of the Galway highlights surely was the very hands-on visit to the Aquarium, where the students had the opportunity to actually touch and pet some of the fascinating sea dwellers. When it was time to leave after an extremely eventful and enriching week, it was with many a sad heart. Although many of the students by then had caught a cold (ah, West Coast weather!) and were looking forward to the warmth of their own beds, certainly all of them could agree with their “class lad’s” conclusion: It was simply a perfect week!

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