Irish Stew, Cliffs of Moher and Molly Malone...

< Messe Jugend & Beruf 10 - 13. Okt. 2018

...have you ever been in Ireland experiencing all these Irish attractions and traditions?

We, the pupils of the fifth forms, spent a fabulous week in Dublin at the beginning of our final year at HLW Freistadt.

After arriving in the Irish capital, we were welcomed by our caring, helpful and very friendly host-families. Every day we took the train or bus to the posh southern side of the River Liffey, where our language school was located. Grammar, vocabulary, speaking, music and Irish history were part of our language Course.

In the afternoon we visited beautiful spots in the city centre, such as Grafton Street or a strange monument called “The Spire” which looks like a huge needle or we explored the countryside, for example the breath-taking cliffs of Howth, just a twenty-minute-train ride away from our host families, or the castle and cathedral in Kilkenny, a medieval city in south-east Ireland.

In this week, where we were lucky concerning the weather, we got a very good insight into the Irish way of life and culture. Our privatepub sing-along as well as the cheerful atmosphere created by buskers in nearly every corner of Dublin will always be in our minds and we definitely know that Ireland offers many hidden places that have to be explored.

(written by pupils of 5HLW)

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