Teaching the art of cooking in an English way

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As part of their distance learning phase in English the pupils of 4HLWA were asked to prepare a delicious dish for their dear ones at home. Additionally, the students wrote a blog entry in which they justified their choice of recipes and shared their individual strategies how to become (or remain) bona fide chefs.

Cooking is more than preparing food. Actually it means being focused and organized, having a goal, working efficiently under pressure, applying principles of food design successfully and, above all, showing that you care for others. Not only now, but especially in times of crisis, this is probably one of the most crucial skills pupils at HLW Freistadt are taught every day, no matter if this happens face-to-face in a classroom, a laboratory, the gym, an IT suite or online.

To emphasize the importance of cooking and eating together as a social event, maybe Julia Child, the woman who taught Americans the art of French cooking in an entertaining and convincing way, can give you a simple yet highly useful piece of advice you should bear in mind when entering your kitchen:

„Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.” (Quelle)

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